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Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's You

This is the first poem I have written in a long long time. There may be mistakes or it may not be as good, please be generous. 

I can feel the look in your eyes,
Saying you'll always love me,
When you smile my heart soars, 
When my hearts' all heavy;
I can feel your arms around me.

Its You;
Who makes me smile,
Who loves me no matter,
Who I live for.

Its a beautiful life,
With you in it,life's complete.
you make me feel stronger; 
You make my worries seem smaller;
You are my leading light in the dark.

Its you;
Who gives my life a meaning,
Who makes my heart sing in joy,
Who makes me perfect.

Thanks to the inspiring article by Erinn, (who I got introduced thro' the church I go to) I wrote this one. Hope this is a just a beginning to a journey and not one of those start and stops.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Love You

This is my attempt in like 3 yrs. And this, I wrote it for my husband, on valentines day. He loved it. I am posting it here for your reviews now. 

Is it Love/Like/Hate.

The clock strikes to tell me its midnight,
But here I sit staring at you
My mind going in circles
Thinking about the times when we talked
And the times when we fought
Sometimes we didn’t need words
As we sat in amicable silence
Our hearts speaking the truth,
That needn’t be said aloud.

Every minute I spend with you
I make beautiful memories
I store it away in my heart
To sustain me and help me go on
Even though am vulnerable
I feel strong, strong enough to take on the world
I know now, am in love
And proud to shout to the world
That I love you.

©  2012 by Sunandha V

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why and oh why ??

This poem is dedicated to our NSG and police forces who fought 60 + hours of grueling fight against the terrorists to keep Mumbai and India safe. And also to the victims of the terror attack in Mumbai.

Its in our heart and mind
With blood engraved and signed
I feel them fall like leaves
Only it's that they aren't leaves
But humans like you and me
I feel their tears in my heart
I feel their fear tear out my mind
I don't want it for them
All I wanna know is why
why and oh why ??

Isn't it blood like whats in us
Flowing thro' your heart
What makes you kill us brother
We are not asking for your blood
We are not asking for your life
We are asking for peace . . .
Come and be with us
Lets enjoy the fruit of unity
Lets have love flowing around
Not hatred and Not War

© 2008 by Sunandha V

Friday, November 07, 2008

If only I knew

This is my new song. Oh! please comment. This is my new attempt on writing about Betrayal.
Oh baby! I don't wanna think anymore
My feelings 've gone sore
And my heart's turned stone cold
Coz' it never expected to be sold
What I feel is not a matter now
I've never been so low
I'll never forgive you for what you have done
And now I feel I've always won
You'll never be a part of me - And
Am glad it was never meant to be

 What did I do to make you leave me
 You were the only there for me
 I never knew you never thought so . . .
 What do I do?
            - If only I knew

Looking at you, walk with your new love
I believe, I still live but dunno how
I did things I didn't wanna do
Of them all is falling in love with you
Is it so a great crime
That i still live with passing time
To know your smiles are not for me
To know your kisses are not for me
And your love is for someone else
oh! when will I ever get some sense

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Don't walk away

This is my new song - Don't walk away. I am writing this after a extreme dry period. Somehow I feel this is missing some element which is present in my other songs. Just that I dunno what :(

I still see you walk away
with disgust on your loving face
I stand stunned; dying inside
Still in my moment of daze
And not believing the words you said
Holding onto my love
Hoping its all a game
I dont understand it all till now

Just dont walk away
You are everything I need
Just dont walk away
Its all ripping me alive

I feel the need to come out
And understand all that you mean
But still am locked inside safe
Wanting to stay serene - Knowing:
Feeling it all would be death
I cry into the middle of the night
Wanting you to take me away
Still crying into the first light.
© 2008 by Sunandha V. 
Please do comment.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where did I go wrong . . .

I thought I was the only man
And loved you with all I can
It all felt so correct
And my night seemed so bright
Your presence felt so good
Even in my every single mood
Nothing was out of place
And I did never find a trace
  Where did I go wrong.

Here I stand, drenched in rain
Wondering where I am,
And without a soul or a heart,
When you left me to part. . .

Dont you ever know?
Did you always pretend?
I dunno where you are
Or with who you are

You are my soul I never had

I feel your precense everywhere
Its not something I dont care
What did I really do
And make you abandon me so
There's nothing I need to live for
Everything round me starts to sour
Nothing else felt so right
But I dont wanna fight
  Where did I go wrong.

© 2008 by Sunandha V. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Never leave me again

You are like a lightning in the night
Just a streak of light in the dark
Full of power and beauty
But I don’t wanna be fooled again
My feelings are not a matter
When you decide to leave me alone
You done care, am dying inside
But still I fall for you again
What do I do now?

    Give me a peace of mind
    Never leave me again
    Just let me love you
    As you deserved all along
    Never leave me again

Everytime I watch you leave
I lose a part of me with you
What am I left with?
Nothing but a hope to see you again
Oh! You always had been right
But I don’t wanna think of it
I just hope you would be back
And lets start where you let off
Is this I have in life????
© 2008 by Sunandha V.